Interior designing is a form of art that deals with beautifying the interiors of a building as well as optimizing space. The idea of a beautiful yet efficient home can be different for different people. But there are some widely applicable generic interior designing techniques that can help you optimize space in a small/studio apartment and make it look spacious.

Here is the breakdown of 5 such space optimization techniques to give your apartment a spacious and uncluttered look.

1. Multi-functional furniture

When designing the interiors of a small apartment, opt for furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, an apartment with a carpet area of 600-700 sq. ft. is highly unlikely to have a guest bedroom.

2. Keeping the interiors look lighter and brighter

It’s a pretty basic trick but works wonders when it comes to making your apartment look spacious. Painting the walls and ceiling of your house with a light and even-toned shade makes it look bigger and more spacious. Moreover, keeping the background light and bright helps in giving the furniture a distinguished look.

Apart from proper lighting and using light colors, the residential interior decorators also suggest the use of mirrors. Using a full-sized mirror can also make the house look spacious.

3. Wall-mounted furnishings

Tiny houses are trending these days. All thanks to Wall-mounted furniture which can help you do a lot with a little space.

4. Partitions for an uncluttered look

This is suitable for studio apartments. If living in such an apartment, try and create a distinguished look for each area and if possible, separate some of the areas using partitions. For instance, you could use different colored rugs in the living space and the dining area so that although next to each other they look very distinctive.

5. Integrate kitchen appliances into your house

Kitchen appliances such as a fridge or an oven can take up a lot of space and when living in a small apartment, fitting all you need in your kitchen can be a challenge.