A well-designed living room is the reflection of one’s personality, and by extension of it, one’s lifestyle choices too, that is very reason why the entire home is designed around the living room décor. Living room needs to be decorated elegantly, so that it is both impressive and peaceful, like a piece of art.


The dining room is rightly called the kernel of happiness in a home, as it’s the place where the family not only shares meal, but the emotions too. Designing a dining room needs careful consideration towards providing an optimally useful space, wherein a family can unwind over a meal.


Foyer is the space in your home where you initiate your first interaction with your guests, while extending them a warm welcome. Designing the Foyer area calls for a lot of creativity, diversity in design knowledge and attention to detail as it creates the first impression on your visitor’s mind.


Sliding doors are doors that open horizontally, parallel to a wall. These doors are either mounted on a track below, or suspended from a track above. Wardrobes with these type of doors give a sleek, modern and contemporary look to your room, offers a large storage space and is great style statement.


Swing doors are the most common types of doors used in wardrobes. These doors work on wardrobes of any shape; the L-shaped, pentagonal and triangular corner shaped wardrobes. One the biggest advantages of type of doors is increased visibility inside the wardrobe and you can hang more clothes inside.


Walk-in wardrobes are an epitome of luxury. If you have sufficient space in your home, you can design a custom walk-in wardrobes, which is like a room in itself. With high quality doors, drawers, finishes, accessories, lighting and layout options, these organized spaces are a joy to use everyday.