Entrance area design creates the first and the best impression, it is believed that the entryway of the home must be designed the best. Do you know? The main entrance is the first place that creates the best impression about the home.

Whether you have a big or small entry way, it is how you present it and how you put the available space on work. It is important to make the space attractive with decor pieces that makes it more comfortable. The designers see to it that the entryway is designed in such a manner that it welcomes the visitors.

Today we are going to discuss on the Entrance area design where you can get more innovative ideas to make your home entrance attractive.

1. Amazing Transformation
A beautiful contemporary door welcomes the guests moreover the paintings on a stone wall creates a huge difference to the entrance area of the home.

2. Adding a Chair or a Bench
It is very important to provide something for the guest who visit our home to put their things aside. A bench or a chair will be a welcoming thing to the visitors.

3. Covering the Walls with Colours
It has now become a trend to cover the walls with bold colours that attracts the visitors, including the murals and wallpaper is a great idea. You might be thinking that it will cost a lot, but the fact is that it is cost effective and affordable.

4. Floating Shelves
Moving into the interior part means decorating the interior walls, the new design trend is that of floating shelves that can be a great storage space without occupying the floor space. These kind of floating shelves can also add hooks where they can store the mails and hang the keys.

5. Lighting Fixture
Lighting Fixtures are very important part in the entrance way. The area should be well lit that makes the visitor more comfortable. Adding beautiful lamp, a chandelier, LED lights, wall-mounted lights that attracts the visitors.

6. Bringing in Extra Storage
The home interior designers suggest more storage space, it is important to have a shoe rack because you will never face shortage of shoes and other stuff that belongs to the entryway. It is very important to have shoe rack, shelves. The designers mainly prefer extra storage space as shoe rack doesn’t have enough space.

7. Adding freshness of plants
The interior home decorators suggest to include plants in the entrance way, indoor plants has become an integral part of home decors and including plants in the interior space is not a big deal. You can arrange the plants in the corner of the room or hang it on the hallway that attracts the visitors.

8. A carpet that defines the area
Your entrance way might be smaller, including a carpet will help in defining it as a separate space. Incorporating a carpet adds classy look as well as prevents a lot of dirt from entering into other living space. It is very necessary to keep it more simple and don’t be oversized. It should be placed in such a manner that it looks like a requirement more than a decor piece.