When it comes to home décor, a vintage look is always in style. We look at some simple ways, in which homeowners can recreate some designs where they can incorporate in their home.

A ‘vintage décor’ can be defined as an interior design theme that incorporates elements of the past and in particular, the best elements of a particular time. A vintage design can be associated with a region or even architecture belonging to a particular era. Some usually prefer the antique and ethnic look to their interiors.

The interior designers come up with innovative vintage and antique designs that are combined with modern interior features.

Elements of Vintage Décor

Homeowners can remodel their interiors based on a vintage theme, by either recreating the style or bringing in old décor elements, such as a grandfather clock, ceramic tableware or even a sword hanging on the wall, into the design.

Antiques as Décor accessories

People often collect old antique things from the various places they travel to. A homeowner may also have inherited many artifacts and antiques. It is a nice concept to showcase antiques in your interior space. While arranging the antique pieces it should be displayed with at most thought and care to have a wonderful look. When you display numerous pieces from different locations, historical periods, types and materials, one has to be mindful about the order of display. Depending upon the size, scale, material, and type, they should be properly framed or placed.

Colour Theme for Vintage Home

Vintage-looking furniture, made from old wood or wood that looks color-washed and weathered, is in vogue. Winged chairs or a royal armchair, can be used as accent pieces. The flooring, from designer cement tiles, wooden floor, carpets, and area rugs, should have color schemes that enhance the vintage décor. While designing the home, decide the color scheme or materials for the vintage theme, based on the size and volume of space and the amount of natural light that is available.